Room Detail Tafana

“Tafana” is the name given to a part of the home which functions as kitchen or store but it is more useful than kitchen or store. There is tandır inside of the tafana. These places are used to cook, warm up, make bread, sit even to sleep. In this chamber whose ceiling is stone arched it’s possible to feel a kindly intrest towards the traces of ancient time, the familiarity and the warmth of tafana’s heritage.

  • Shower 
  • WC 
  • Wardrope 
  • LCD TV 
  • Telephone 
  • Digital Broadcast 
  • Free Wireless Internet Access 
  • Minibar - Digital Safe Box 
  • Hairdryer 
  • Towel Set 
  • Slippers 
  • French beds 
  • Kettle with complimentary coffee&tea 
  • Cradle (optional)