Avanos is a town and district of Nevşehir Province. It is located 18 km north of Nevşehir. Avanos was called asVenessa,Zuwinasa or Ouenasa in ancient times. Ceramic trade in this district, in which there are countless pottery factories, dates back to the Hittites.

In 1926 during the period of inventigations in Boğazköy Hittite Kingdom, Emilie Forrer drew attention to the word ‘Zu-Winasa’ in a tablet. The studies of Nicole Thierry have pointed out that ‘Nenesa’ and ‘Zu-Winasa’ were transformed into ‘Avanos’ and‘Venessa’. In Ottoman documents the name has been mentioned as ‘Enes’ or ‘Evenez’. A marbled sarcophagus found in a Roman tomb in the immediate vicinity of Avanos has held the key for being unique in Cappadocia. This sarcophagus got noticed by chance in 1971. In archeological excavations carried out by Prof. Gökberk in Sarılar, a town of Avanos, many ruins belonging toBronze Age and Late Roman Period have been found. In Avanos, Alaaddin Mosque and Sarıhan Caravanserai dating back to Seljuks, 13. Century, carry weight. It is an absolute pleasure to have you at our mansion which is a reflection of this historical district.